Publications, Presentations and Papers

Speeding Up the Joist Delivery Process (, April 4, 2011) Print a PDF.
The Towers Condominiums Parking Restoration (Project Spotlight, ICRI Minnesota Spring 2011 newsletter)
BIM on Target (Building Design + Construction, 01/11)
Growing an Office on the Plains by Michael Hemstad, PE (Modern Steel Construction, 12/2010)
George K. Brushaber Commons by Jason Pederson, PE (Wood Design and Building, Summer 2010)
CIP Concrete Right Choice for University of MN-Fairview Amplatz Children’s Hospital by Edward Carter, PE (Concrete Advantage, May 2009)
Structuring Science by Dan Murphy, PE, and Craig Bursch, PE (Modern Steel Construction, 8/2007)
McNamara Alumni Center by Jerod Hoffman, PE (Modern Steel Construction, 6/2001)

Structural Engineering
Optimum Slab-on-Ground Concrete co-authored by Michael J. Ramerth, PE (Concrete International, July 2012)
Special Considerations in the Reinforced Concrete Slab Design for the St. Cloud Hospital East Addition
by Matt Smith and Matt Thomas, PE (American Concrete Institute, Paper #7 of SP 287, 2012)
Square Buildings and Round Bars: C.A.P. Turner and the Minneapolis Warehouse District by Meghan Elliott, PE (Construction History Society of America newsletter, Issue 13, October 2010)
Testing the Limits: Long-Term Deflection of the C.A.P. Turner Flat-Slab Floor by Meghan Elliott, PE, an abstract of a presentation to the Construction History Society of America, 2009 (please e-mail to read the full paper)
Connection Design: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, a presentation by Jerod Hoffman, PE, given at the 2009 North American Steel Construction Convention in Phoenix, Arizona
Field and Laboratory Study of the Mn/DOT Precast Slab Span System, co-authored by Matthew Smith, presented at the 2007 Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium, Ames, Iowa, August 2007
The Future of Concrete is Green by Michael J. Ramerth, PE (2006)
CASE/MN Guideline Program for Structural Testing and Special Inspection Fifth Edition (2006 IBC), co-authored by Brion Szwed, PE
Minnesota Concrete Council Cementitious Durability Research Study (2005), findings by MCC’s Research Committee, chaired by Michael J. Ramerth, PE
Discussion: Design Concepts for Jib Cranes by Michael Hemstad, PE (Engineering Journal 2003)

Rules of Thumb
6 Rules of Thumb For Structural Steel Design by Craig Bursch, PE