Minneapolis Public Schools HQ

  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Architect: UrbanWorks
  • Client: Minneapolis Public Schools

Project Highlights

  • 180,000 SF of office space
  • Flexible design for future growth
  • LEED Silver


The new Minneapolis Public Schools headquarters consolidates administrative functions that were previously scattered among four buildings into a single 180,000 square foot facility, constituting a significant reduction in space and, ultimately, operating expenses. The building is organized into two wings each with four and five levels and no basement. Structural systems provide a high level of functionality and flexibility for future growth, supporting a design approach that works well in a mature urban neighborhood. Structural steel beams and columns supporting composite slabs make up the primary building structure. The exterior force-resisting system consists of vertical diagonal bracing and battered steel piling, while exterior wall systems are pre-cast concrete with brick veneer, metal panels, and glazing. The foundation is set on 300 steel piles placed into shallow bedrock, varying from 17- to 42-foot depths. The new facility is built to LEED Silver criteria.