Goose Creek Safety Rest Area

  • Location: Harris, MN
  • Architect: VJAA, Inc.
  • Client: Minnesota Department of Transportation

Project Highlights

  • Wood clad structure
  • Multiple structural systems including concrete, masonry, and steel
  • Retaining wall


Located in the woods on the embankment of a creek, the new safety rest building, a new storage building, and rehabilitated picnic pavilions, replace aging structures that were more than 50 years old. The new main building is clad in wood and encircled by an elevated walkway that overlooks the creek, and a new retaining wall supports the embankment leading up to the main building. Materials for all structures on the site are a combination of concrete, masonry, and weathering steel, and were chosen as a result of early and significant study at the beginning of the project. The materials uniquely suit the functioning of the buildings, reinforce the design, and provide durability and low maintenance for years to come.