Taconite Harbor FSI Building and Monorail

  • Location: Schroeder, MN
  • Architect: Scalzo Architects
  • Client: Minnesota Power

Project Highlights

  • Prime consultant on project
  • Project purpose to reduce toxic emissions
  • Close proximity to Lake Superior


MBJ was the prime consultant on this addition, located less than 200 feet from the shore of Lake Superior at Minnesota Power’s Taconite Harbor Energy Center in Schroeder, Minnesota. The new braced-frame structural steel building serves as a protective enclosure to the new Mobotech process equipment, which was installed to reduce plant emissions. The mat foundation not only supports the building itself but the equipment it houses.

The importance of properly operating and servicing the new process equipment led MBJ to work closely with plant personnel to design access from the existing building to the new addition. MBJ also worked with the concrete supplier to design concrete construction joint patterns that were best suited for this remote site.

In addition, MBJ designed new monorails, capable of carrying up to three-tons of equipment, inside the existing boiler building. At the time of construction, the monorails provided a means for the contractor to install large equipment. Currently, they allow plant personnel to perform ongoing maintenance.

Overall, MBJ facilitated strong communication practices among all team members to deliver a cost effective and timely project, which achieved the owner’s ultimate goal of emissions reduction. Since installation of the new equipment, NOx emissions have been reduced by 62%, SO2 emissions by 65%, and mercury emissions by 90%.