Abbott Northwestern Ramp 6

  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Architect: RSP Architects | Ryan A&E
  • Client: Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Project Highlights

  • 1,580 total stalls
  • Two phase project with second phase vertical expansion
  • Tunnel connection to existing tunnel
  • Provisioned to support a future steel roof for solar panels


Phase 1 of Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s Ramp 6 is a 5-level structure accommodating 1,138 vehicles and housing retail and office tenants at the street level. Typical parking bay areas measure 25 by 56 feet. The main structural system is post-tensioned concrete beams and slabs with fully encapsulated post-tension tendons. Foundations along the east side are placed between the existing west footings of the Sears building. Transfer beams are used at two locations to bridge across the existing footings to the new footings. Several floor levels align with the floors of the existing building. Knock-out panels can be removed in the future to provide vehicle access for additional parking in the existing building. All post-tensioning tendons were dead ended against this edge and stressed towards the west. Detailing accommodates seasonal movements of the unheated parking structure above the retail area. An underground tunnel on the north side of the structure connects to an existing tunnel crossing under 28th Street.

Phase 2 is a 2-level vertical expansion of the existing 5-level ramp, plus the addition of a second elevator core. The project also provides crossovers between Ramp 6 and the adjacent Ramp 7 and is designed to support a future steel roof for solar panels. that provides crossovers between Ramp 6 and the adjacent Ramp 7.