Dock Street Apartments

  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Architect: ESG Architects
  • Client: Hines Development

Project Highlights

  • 8-story, 250,000 square foot residential building with integrated parking
  • Complex urban site
  • 5 stories wood over 3 stories concrete podium


Designed to reflect the industrial aesthetic of the adjacent historic Minneapolis Rail Yards, Dock Street incorporates commercial, residential, and parking functions within a newly constructed, eight story, 250,000 square foot building. Due to significant site constraints, including notable changes in grade, requirements to meet a zero lot line adjacent to an active railroad corridor, and close proximity to an existing county-owned bridge abutment, the foundation design combines the use of steel pipe piles with traditional wall and column spread footings, grade beams, and pile caps.  The building structure consists of five stories of wood construction above three stories of precast concrete framing. Wood shear walls are used at the upper levels to resist lateral loads, which are transferred to the precast hollow core plank diaphragm and cast-in-place concrete and masonry shear walls. Special design considerations were made regarding the precast framing to integrate several layers of pedestrian connections throughout the building.