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We are designers leading with curiosity


Curiosity and imagination inform our approach as much as knowledge and experience. As your project partner, we bring our collective creativity and expertise to the table and challenge ourselves to present innovative solutions to help you achieve your project goals. We know that the quality and excellence of our project work is a key marker of our DNA as a firm. It speaks to the pride our professionals put into our work, to the service and standards our clients have come to expect, and to the reputation MBJ values and protects in the marketplace. We lead with curiosity, deliver with quality.


We are solution finders. We listen, learn, and continuously challenge ourselves to push the limits of our understanding to innovate the structures around us. And we share our knowledge with you. We ask questions and discover what is unique about each project and necessary for its success. With a hands-on approach throughout the process, we join our project partners early and collaborate to push the creative boundaries of design to deliver optimal structural solutions.



Cultivating curiosity for a more equitable world. We strive to make a positive impact not only in our work, but also in our communities. We are committed to giving back and helping to shape the lives of those around us. By participating in events and programs with organizations such as ACE Mentor Program, Engineers without Borders, The Works Museum, CANstruction Phoenix, Habitat for Humanity, Minnesota FoodShare and others, it is important to us to do our part in helping our communities grow stronger.

Our engineers are passionate about education and advancing the design and construction profession. They continue to dedicate their time serving as adjunct lecturers, studio advisors, and teaching assistants at colleges including University of Minnesota, Arizona State University, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Our work is shaped by our people. To shape the world around us, we must shape who we are. Innovation in our projects and for our clients stems from evolving ourselves. We are forward-thinking, passionate, creative, and collaborative. A multi-specialty structural design practice, we work hard to cultivate a workplace culture that is encouraging and inspiring. MBJ’s collaborative, flexible working environment fosters teamwork, promotes growth, and encourages creativity and innovation.


We embrace new discoveries and new technologies in our work, while building on our experiences and sharing our learning. Old challenges are viewed in new ways as we explore and develop new markets, we strengthen our connections with each other and our clients. We are focused on promoting learning within our organization and expanding our capabilities. With every project viewed as a new challenge, we continue to evolve our creative process to shape the environment around us.

We believe structural design can be both cost effective, resilient, and sustainable. As an original signatory of the SE 2050 Commitment program, MBJ is committed to doing our part in creating a sustainable future. Reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions by lowering embodied carbon of materials is a key factor to consider for a building’s life cycle. A leader in sustainable design, MBJ has been taking major strides to identify, track (and ultimately reduce) embodied carbon within structural materials. Take a look at our Embodied Carbon Action Plan.





Who is MBJ? Our roots date back to 1955 when John Meyer founded a firm of consulting structural engineers in Minneapolis, MN. He was joined by Jack Borgman and Rollie Johnson in the late 1950’s and by 1966, Meyer Borgman Johnson had been established as a group of engineers strongly committed to providing the highest level of structural engineering services. Today, with seven offices nationwide and a team of 100+, the firm carries on our founding partners’ legacy of valuing employees and clients based on respect, honesty, and hard work. With low employee turnover and a high percentage of repeat clients, we continue to grow and drive innovation in our industry.


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