We offer experts in specialized practices including steel connection design, cold-formed steel framing, erection engineering, protective design and existing structures. These specialties are provided as stand-alone services or can be integrated with full structural design to provide design and construction structural services.



Steel Connection Design

MBJ is one of the largest providers of steel connection design in the U.S. and Canada, working on all building types, including high rise buildings up to 100,000 tons. We partner with clients to provide reliable steel connection design and related fabricator engineering services for projects of any size and complexity. We work according to our clients’ specifications and methods, delivering steel connection design that is efficient, accurate, timely, cost-effective, and supportive of each fabricator’s process. We implement speedy processing of designs and calculations, all rigorously evaluated for quality assurance.

Cold-formed Steel Framing
We offer cold-formed engineering informed by our work as engineers of record, detailing and drawings for exterior building envelopes, and other bearing and non-bearing applications. Our cold-formed steel services are offered at all stages of a project, contracting with framing sub-contractors, general contractors, architects, or engineers of record to optimize design and improve constructability.

Erection Engineering
Designing for construction-phase steel erection has a different set of parameters than for completed buildings. We have wide experience collaborating with steel erectors on temporary bracing, staged erection evaluation, rigging and lifting as well as other steel erection challenges to plan for a safe, code-compliant and cost-effective erection process.


Our team of experienced specialists and subject matter experts help to manage and protect against highly complex and extraordinary risks, bridging the strategy gap with innovative, defensible, and cost-effective solutions for a broad range of market sectors and facilities. We understand that the nature of the threat is always changing, and that vulnerability is unique from one application to the next. Leveraging tools that merge the state-of-the-art with state-of-practice, our goal is to offer better protection and help clients make smarter decisions based on real numbers.

Our specialties include: Protective Design/Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection (ATFP); Blast-Resistant Design; Perimeter Protection; Progressive Collapse; Explosive Safety; Accident/Threat and Risk Assessment; Strategic Planning and Programming; and Structure Hardening


From projects that require strict historic preservation criteria to the adaptive reuse of historic structures, our approach encompasses knowledge of outmoded construction materials and practices, an understanding of your unique project based on your goals, and the application of the latest technology to diagnose, repair, and reconstruct existing and historic structures.

We have experience restoring, reinforcing, and reusing existing structures ranging from very small projects, such as the restoration of the Hollywood Theater in Minneapolis, to very large projects that include the historic preservation of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Gammage Hall in Arizona, adaptive reuse of the Philadelphia Naval Yards for Urban Outfitters, and the revitalization of Northrop Auditorium for the University of Minnesota. With hundreds of historic projects in our portfolio and over 50 projects on the National Register of Historic Places, our experience with existing structures is broad and deep.


Recent Projects