Project Highlights
  • Renovation and expansion of a 1985 concourse lacking modern amenities
  • Spacious 60-ft diameter rotunda provisioned for two-story art installation
  • Full height, 56-ft cantilevered steel truss over existing METRO Blue Line station tunnel

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Concourse G Gate Infill renovated and expanded the east end of the concourse to accommodate a modern aviation program. Originally built in 1985 for a very different aviation industry, Concourse G was aging, overcrowded, and lacked adequate amenities. The renovation included increased gate seating and concession space as well as an expanded restrooms with mechanical and electrical spaces. A Delta Sky Club shell space, built above the existing and new concourse areas, achieved the desire of the longtime hub carrier at MSP to provide an improved experience for their travelers.



existing lateral system


columns for increased loads


experience for travelers
Service Provided
  • Structural Engineer of Record


“MBJ provided a knowledgeable and driven team that met deadlines, coordinated exceedingly well with the design team, and enhanced the building beyond just functional space.”

Bridget Rief, PE, Vice President, Planning and Development, Metropolitan Airports Commission


MBJ carefully evaluated the existing structure of the MSP Airport for renovation and created solutions to allow for optimal architectural design, constrained existing conditions, and continuous operations throughout construction.

The existing lateral system was retrofitted with a new shear wall and braced frame cores in addition to reinforced existing moment frames. To address the increased column loads of the above Delta Sky Club, MBJ increased the existing column capacities where existing foundations allowed. Where not possible, the team offset columns on cantilevered frames with adjacent drilled piers. To contend with the existing METRO Blue Line station tunnel within the limestone bedrock below, MBJ utilized a full-building truss system cantilevered 56 feet overhead to accommodate the concourse restroom amenities.

A 60-foot diameter rotunda, an intuitive wayfinding and daylighting element, was provisioned over the existing roof structure to support artwork for the Arts@MSP program. In order to maintain concourse operations below during construction, the rotunda was installed from above and allowed for the weather-tight enclosure to be installed prior to demolishing the existing structure. MBJ also structured the roof adjacent to the rotunda to support a green roof designed to provide stormwater runoff mitigation.

To meet the accelerated design schedule of less than one year, MBJ handled the myriad of scope issues by splitting the project into two buildings and working simultaneously. With strong key stakeholder alignment, the design team successfully met the client’s schedule needs while keeping below the capital improvement budget and minimizing disruptions to airport operations.


St. Paul, MN



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Metropolitan Airports Commission

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Michaud Cooley Erickson

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