Project Highlights
  • Signatory to the SE 2050 Commitment Program
  • Our Committment - Integrate sustainability practices into MBJ's design culture
  • Focus on education, reporting, reduction, and advocacy

Embodied Carbon Action Plan. We believe that creative design practices, in conjunction with innovations in material manufacture and sourcing, make zero carbon structural systems a feasible achievement by the year 2050. We are committed to making changes within our walls and influencing others outside of our walls to make this future a reality. A signatory to the SE 2050 Commitment Program, MBJ is committed to doing our part in this effort by measuring, reducing, and ultimately eliminating embodied carbon in the structures we design.

MBJ’s Sustainability Knowledge Community meets to share knowledge and advance our capabilities to track and reduce embodied carbon. Subgroups for Education, Reporting, Reduction, and Advocacy are responsible for developing and carrying out the actions set forth in MBJ’s Embodied Carbon Action Plan. Take a look at the progress we made in 2023 and our goals moving forward here.

SE 2050 Commitment Program Embodied Carbon Champions:

Catherine Lumitap, EIT
Lindsey Lyrenmann, PE, SE